investment fees are due at your photo session & are a NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER 

{ all collections come with digital images on a flash drive and a shared portrait agreement with which you can print any of your images at the establishment of your choice. } 

i cannot guarantee the number of images you will receive.  i can only guarantee that you will receive EVERY image i take.   



baby within the first 36 hours and a few shots with visiting family.  this collection session is natural so please do not plan cute outfits at this time.  there is nothing sweeter than a fresh, new baby in his/her hospital layette and blanket.


between age 3-10 days  in baby’s home with parents and siblings.  shot ONLY in warm, soft, neutral tones so as to draw attention to baby and not their clothing.

 KIDDOS LIFESTYLE COLLECTION | $300 | 1-2 hours | 1 location 

regardless of the number of children you have, this collection is what you want if mom and dad do not want in the shots.

SENIOR LIFESTYLE COLLECTION | $500 | 2-4 hours | 2 locations | if you choose to split your session into two sessions over two seasons, the cost will be a session and a half ($750). you may pay it all up front or split it into two payments over the two sessions.

this is your time to shine!  you have put in the work and 12 long years of study.  you deserve to have your moment to feel beautiful, or as a guy, handsome.  i promise you that it will be a fun day and not uncomfortable or awkward.  that is my personal guarantee to you!

FAMILY LIFESTYLE COLLECTION  | $300 | 1 hour | 1 location

smiles.  tears.  laughter.  frowns.  playing without posing.  no cheese.  this is one time where the kids get to call the shots.  so mom and dad, don’t pull out the rule book or the “you’ll get this treat when we’re done if you smile” promise.  just let them be who they are so that you can be who you are.  you’ll be happy you did.  it’s my personal guarantee. connect with your family like you would if you weren’t in front of a camera.  

FAMILY DOCUMENTARY COLLECTION | $350 | 1-3 hours | 1 location 

this collection is strictly a documentary session.  there will be no posing, no special groupings.  it is all about capturing your family as they are and doing what they do best. baking, eating a meal, playing at home, hanging out at the local ice cream shop.  please do not expect staged pictures.  we will get group shots but they will be playful and spontaneous.  

**A NON-REFUNDABLE retainer of half your collection fee will be due 6 months prior to your wedding day to insure me as your photographer.  

CLASSIC WEDDING COLLECTION | $1000 | ceremony only coverage

SILVER  WEDDING COLLECTION | $2500 | 8 hours wedding day coverage

GOLD WEDDING COLLECTION | $3000 | engagement session & 10 hours wedding day coverage

PLATINUM WEDDING COLLECTION | $3500 | engagement session, bridal session and 10 hours wedding day coverage | this is a great addition to your wedding collection.  portraits of just the bride prior to her wedding day so that you can feel like the princess you are and have stunning images of yourself in your gown.  an advantage is that this leaves one set of photos out of your wedding day to allow more time for you to relax prior to the ceremony or to capture other images.



2 thoughts on “investment

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  2. Hello Suzie, my name is Jessi Miller!
    I’m currently just an amueture, nature and lifestyle photographer. But I’m really trying to open a photography business, in Florida!

    So I’d like to see, if you have any advise for me, or suggestions. Also, I took a look at your priceing above, but would like to see how much you charge for prints.

    My first payed client is on Tuesday, and I don’t feel like I’m 100% prepared.

    I was thinking of buying a contract Template, but then it says, that they won’t be responsible if any problems occur. Should I just go to my lawyer, and have him draft up a contract for me, that’s more accurate, to my individual needs, and local laws.

    Thank you so much, in advance!

    -Jessi Miller


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