the photographer

I love Jesus more than anything and my family is my highest priority.  There is nothing that drives me more, makes me swoon more, or brings me more joy than the love of my life, Paul and my four precious babies.  Ranging in age from 17-23.  These five are the reason why I do what I do.  They are why I really got into photography in the first place.  I have been capturing life with my camera since junior high, but when my first baby was born, that was it for me.  That was when my camera really became my memory maker and that was when I wanted to remember every breath, every smell, every tiny finger and every boo boo.

When I’m not behind my camera, you can find me nurturing babies, baking for my family, cleaning and organizing my home, spending time with my kids or just hanging around the house or taking a walk with my husband and my golden doodle, Ruby.

Images by Avery Bechtel | Paper Posey Photography, Salida, Colorado


First Comes Love:

When we were just 18, my husband and I met at a basketball game.  We lived in different parts of the world, or so it felt.  He in Omaha, Nebraska and I in Des Moines, Iowa.  We dated long distance the second half of our senior years in high school via snail mail and, wait for it……. long distance phone calls on the land line.  There were times we would talk for such a long time we just knew we were busted.  I don’t think I even know to this day how much of a bill I racked up.  And the song, “Please Mr. Postman,” that was written for me.   Correct, I wasn’t born until seven years after it was released, but the writers knew I was coming.  There were countless days when I would stand by my mailbox waiting for the mailman to arrive only to find there was nothing for me.   Or when I saw him driving up my heart would race in hopes there would be a letter for me.  I checked daily even though I knew it would take time for him to write back and mail the letter.


Then Comes Marriage:

We dated four years through college and married in 1992 as mere babes.  A whopping 22 years young!  I remember that day as if it were yesterday.  Thankfully, we have both matured and have achieved better looks through the years. 😉  Twenty six years later we are still madly in love!  (Woah!  I have known this man and been with him for 30 years!  That doesn’t make me old, does it?)

Then Come Four Babies in Four Baby Carriages: (one at a time of course)

As if I wasn’t already madly in love with my guy, I became madly in love with four small human beings that I sniffed and snuggled til the cows came home.  Loving and nurturing these four was all I ever wanted in life.  They brought me joy and fulfillment and reminded me daily of the mighty God we serve.  As they have grown, that love has only grown with them.  It looks different.  I mean, I no longer nibble their toes or give them zerberts on their bellies or sniff their heads (well, maybe I still sniff their heads a little bit….shhhhhh, don’t tell them).  Do you want to know a little secret?  My kids still love me and hug me and let me smooch on them (while secretly sniffing their heads).  That’s something I thank God for daily.



Now, some fun facts about me as an individual:

  • There is never any time that dark chocolate is not forbidden!  Dark chocolate is the only chocolate that exists as far as I am concerned.
  • I love daisies and rainbows and wildflowers and birds and floral print and pastels and flowing dresses and sunsets and 70’s music and anything else you can think of that represents a flower child.  Except for drugs.  Not cool.
  • Tea is my drink of choice and coffee is only allowed if there are no other hot beverage choices and it’s mostly caramel flavoring and steamed milk.  So, really not coffee at all.
  • I could spend hours looking through old family photographs while asking my mom the details of each and every one.  My family fills my heart.
  • If I could make six out of seven days be cloudy and only one sunny, I would.  Think I’m crazy?  Probably.
  • In addition to photography, my other passion is children.  Small children.  Once they hit kindergarten I send them on their merry way.  I still love them, but they don’t often love me back so I stick to the babies who don’t know any better yet.
  • I believe that heaven will be endless fields of wild, yellow daisies, southern gospel music and bare feet.  Shoes, though I love them because they are pretty and fun, are a pointless waste of time. That said….
  • You will find me most of the time in bare or stocking feet.  Bare until the weather turns cold and then socks.  Toasty, warm socks.


I hope we can meet in person very soon so that I can get to know you as well!