junkstock 2017 | a short story

In 2015 we started going to Junkstock, just my girls and me.  For her birthday, Bekah wanted me to drive to Omaha and spend the weekend with her and E.Beth and to go to Junkstock.  Well, that was a no-brainer!  So now it has become our little tradition.  Year three complete with hopefully many more to come.  I wouldn’t trade this time with them for anything in the world.

This year was just a “tad” on the muddy side.  But not to worry, we came prepared with rain boots and umbrellas.  Thankfully, we didn’t need the umbrellas.  Unfortunately, we had to carry them around the entire day.  Oh well.

junkstock 2017


eighteen | a short story

It’s the beginning of the birthdays.  Nolan always starts off the parties, cakes, gifts, or at least he used to.  Back when they were all little.  Now, it’s just a cake, and sometimes not even that.  Of course there’s a gift.  Always a gift.  But as they all get older and are leaving home, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to have a “birthday party.”  So we make due with whoever is around and celebrate as best we can.  A bonus to this cake was the candles. I didn’t realize that I had bought trick candles.  It was kind of fun for the small bash.

nolan birthday

car ride | a short story

A week ago Thursday, we drove to Colorado for an extended weekend.  It would be our only family vacation this year and it would be a memorable one.  But more on that later. Right now I want to talk about the drive out there.

Years ago, before children, this is how it went:

Paul, I need to stop and use the restroom.  But you just went.  I know, but I’m pregnant, remember!

With small children:

How much further?  I have to go potty!  Stop kicking your sister!  Oh, great!  Now the baby needs to nurse.  What did I just tell you?!  If you ask me one more time how much further, so help me….  Okay, I know you are all tired of being in the car so why don’t I come back and read a story.  Are you ready for another video?  Only two more Veggie Tales and we will be there!

With adolescent children:

Well, a little bit of everything.  Loving, sleeping, arguing, potty stops.  No more Veggie Tales and no more reading stories 😦

Now, with three adult children and one teenager:

Little to no arguing.  A lot of silly laughter.  Sleeping.  Ear buds.  Coffee stops.  Reminiscing over past vacations.  Can we stop?  I have to use the restroom again.

As much as I miss car rides with littles (for real!), I am enjoying conversation, coffee, memories and no arguing with the big version.   One thing has never changed and that is that my purse is still the catch all on every trip and we are not fans of fast food.

car ride short story


a birth story | a short story

She watched from the treetops.  She watched from the wire.  She incubated and fussed. And yet, despite her greatest efforts, three eggs hatched but only two survived.  I know they are just birds, and God has all of them numbered, but it still makes me sad.

Also, aren’t they the cutest little bald things you ever did see?!

baby birds

doggy wash | a short story

After playing with her puppy friend, Laci, we went straight to the doggy wash. Whenever she has a play date with her brother or a friend, she is always a slobbery mess and so are they.  So we try to plan play dates around bath time for both parties.

Usually, I put her in our bathtub and get on my knees during the entire process.  When I am done I’m wet and my back is aching.  Laci’s people parents told me that they take her to the doggy wash and they love it.  So I decided to try it this time.  What did I have to lose?  Absolutely nothing!

I loved it!  Ruby, not so much.  The room was scary.  The ramp up to the tub was scary. The tub was scary.  The sprayer was scary.  Walking back down the ramp was scary.  She was just a nervous wreck!  But guess what?  That is her new bath place.  Because I loved it so much, it was easy on my back, no mess for me to clean afterward and… I’m the mommy and I say so!  She’ll get used to it and thank me in the end.  I’m just sure of it!

short story 3

jumping | a short story

He has had eight track meets this season.  I have made it to two.  Between temps and schedules, I was just unable to make the others.  So, when I do make it, I try to take as many pictures as possible.  Mainly for myself, but also because he wants to see his form and where he needs work.  Always working hard, that boy.

track story