chosen | children’s lifestyle photographer

I recently took pictures of these two little cuties.  It was so much fun to see not only how much they look alike but that their personalities are very similar as well.  And to see Miss Brecky being a great big sister was very heart-warming.  You see, these two siblings don’t live together and see each other rarely.  Their’s is a great story.  And that’s why I’m going to let Breckynn’s mom tell you in her own words.

“It’s rare when the child that completes your family still gets the chance to be a big sister.  We are thrilled that some of these shots capture this unique relationship.

Almost six years ago God worked a miracle in our lives when He brought us Breckynn through adoption.  The birth mom and dad were people we care about.  In fact, I had known Liana since she was about three.  Their circumstances at the time of Breckynn’s birth were not ideal for the couple and they selflessly chose adoption for their daughter. The love they had for their infant was abundantly obvious and yet they chose to break their own hearts as a sacrifice for hers.

Three years later Liana and Tyler, the birth father, were married and God blessed them with the most charming, beautiful baby boy.  Although Tyler has been in the air force and stationed far away, we have had an open adoption.  We share pictures and stay in touch.

This year these two birth siblings had the opportunity to play together, get to know one another and make some memories.  Open adoption can have its awkward moments in the beginning, but the beauty of it far outweighs the challenges.  Here are two children loved by so many in families that stretch across multiple states.  God is so incredibly good!

Liana and Tyler didn’t give their child to us, they gave us (my husband, our other children and me) to their child.”

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the farm | children’s documentary photographer

I remember when I was little spending a lot of time over at my grandmother’s house.  I can see it all in my mind’s eye as clear as if I were there now.  Playing in the garden somewhat overgrown with weeds.  Swinging on the swing set.  Jumping in leafs from the “V” tree.  Sitting on the front porch before it was closed in, admiring the bleeding heart bush.  Oh my.  So many great memories.  I just wish now that I had photos to go along with the memories.

These sweet babies will have photos for years to come.  Because every time one of them turns two (or is in that approximate range), and they come from miles away to stay with Grandma and Grandpa, I get a text saying that I’m needed to document some more sweet kiddos.  I love being needed and I love photographing the every day moments.  Moments that will make up a lifetime of memories.  Plus, I love going to this farm just as much as the kids do.  They have the sweetest grandparents (who I am very happy to call friends) and there is so much there to keep them (and me) occupied.

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duckweed | children’s lifestyle photographer

About six years ago, I took my little guy out for his nine year pictures.  He wanted to do some things that the “big boys” were doing.  So we drove over to our little wildlife reserve area where there was a pretty, little pond.

The only thing I asked of him was that he give me, literally, a handful of pictures where he was looking in my direction.  If he could manage that then everything else was free game. He kept his end of the bargain so I kept mine.

Seeing his little eyes light up when he got in this pond filled with duckweed was priceless.  I mean, how often are you allowed to get into stagnant water while fully clothed?

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my little bigs | children’s lifestyle photographer

This always happens to me.  I start going through old pictures around this time of year when one of my children are graduating.  I don’t get very far because I stop and look at every, single photo of every, single child.  And then I cry a little, pining for days that are gone.

In 2009 I had been a year into shooting professionally and had just begun learning my new, and very first, DSLR.  I was still trying to figure out my camera as well as lighting, composition,  clarity, shadows and such.   I was more into posing and staging back then, thinking that was the only way I could gain clients.  It has taken me these long, eight years to realize how much I despise doing that style of photography.  One thing I did stick to that was not fake or staged was their expressions.  I always told each of them that if their smile couldn’t be real then they shouldn’t smile.  As you can see, the boys had no problem sticking to that rule.  😉

In spite of all the trial and error, I got some super cute pictures of my super cute babies that I can cherish until eternity.  And this is how we learn.

I cannot tell you how much I love these sweet faces.  It’s so fun to see how they really haven’t changed much.  Still the same smirks, smiles and sultry looks now as back then.  I love being their mama!

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shayde is one! | baby lifestyle photographer

I have been shooting this little guy since day one.  Literally!  He is now one, and has welcomed a new baby brother just a couple of short weeks before his birthday.  Now that’s the best birthday gift anyone could ever receive!

Unfortunately, I was unable to get both babies in the frame together.  Maybe next time.


at home with emerson | kiddos lifestyle photographer

When I was hired for this session I was thrilled beyond words!  Following around a three-year-old at her home is exactly where I love to be.  Nothing staged with this one.  She was in her element showing me her toys, her swing set and her car.  I even got to see her “training” the dog.  Such a cutie with so much personality.  Every time I’ve seen her since the session she says to me, “Suzie, I had fun at my pictures!”  Every.  Time.  I love her!


sun and sand’s | kiddos lifestyle photographer

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  These three little girls steal my heart every time I see them.  First, because they are so stinking adorable!  But once you meet them, you realize that their personalities are even sweeter than their faces.  I truly could have spent hours photographing them, but the littlest one let me know that we were done.  It’s always sad when I have to be done with a session that’s going really well.  But, such is life.