Back in late summer last year I did Sam’s littler sisters’ pictures.  I promised him that in the fall we would do his as well.  He would get my undivided attention and quality time.

Well, fall came and went.  As did winter and spring.  Finally, we were able to get his annual pictures done just a couple of weeks ago.  I felt that I owed him big time because I neglected him (unintentionally), so when we were done I took him to Dairy Queen.  This was extra special because it was just the two of us and his sisters didn’t get to come.  It was a very sweet time.



cecilia & maia

A perfect, dream session!  You might know by now my color palette choices for pictures.  Or, maybe you don’t, but this is it!

These girls.  Next to my own, they are my heart.  I’ve been their “auntie” since birth and their mother is like a sister to me.  Any chance I get to take their pictures (which is difficult with schedules), I jump at it!

It was another hot, buggy, Nebraska afternoon.  The sun was very high in the sky and the three of us just were not enjoying the session at the original spot chosen.  So I recommended the floral shop for the backdrop and to get out of the sun.  They thought it was a great idea and were looking forward to seeing all of the flowers.

I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect dress for them to wear if I had been planning it all along.  The colors were just tre’s magnifique!

girls 1girls 2

ansley | children’s documentary photographer

Even the very happiest of babies are no match for sore, teething gums.  But this sweet little did her very best in spite of it.  She tried her hardest to enjoy her big day and managed to squeeze in a few smiles for the camera.   But don’t you dare ask her to smash her cake.  She just wasn’t having it.  That’s okay, sweet girl, it’s your party and you can cry if you want to.

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hadley christmas | holiday lifestyle photographer

These kids!  I genuinely look forward to every single session I do with them and their parents.  But the ones with just the kiddos are always so much fun.  There is always an edible treat involved in some way.  I remember the first ones I did with them several years ago that involved a sweet tent made by their mama and a whole lot of candy.  Such adorable pictures.  Every photo shoot should involve sugar (and kitties).  Don’t you think so?

1 hadley2 hadley3 hadley4 hadley56 hadley7 hadley8 hadley9 hadley

brooke | lifestyle photographer

This sweet girl came into my life 13 years ago.  A beautiful baby girl who is growing into a beautiful young lady.   Sadly, I only get to see her once a year, but I take that opportunity now that she’s older to spend a bit of quality time with her.  Yes, that involves taking pictures, but that’s when I can usually get most teens to open up to me.  There’s nothing like having a camera in your face (sometimes literally) to make you let down your guard.  Thank you for humoring me every year Brookie!  I love you!

brooke 1brooke 4brooke 5brooke 67

holen girls | children’s lifestyle photographer

What started out as a dance portrait session, quickly turned into a sisters session.  Big sis wasn’t too happy that little sis got to have a session all to herself.  So, of course, I said she was more than welcome to join in on the fun.  Who wouldn’t want to take pictures of these two cuties?

The two of them together just crack me up and they quickly turned this into a full-on modeling shoot.  No directions from me whatsoever!

We had only two goals for this session.  To have fun and to steer clear of all mosquito infested grass and trees.  Success!!

holen girls 1holen girls 2holen girls 3holen girls 4holen girls 5holen girls 6holen girls 7holen girls 8

silly ballerina | children’s lifestyle photographer

When this one’s mama asked me if I would do a shoot with her in her ballet costume I was totally all over it.  You see, she missed her dance pictures and her dance recital this year so her mama wanted to make it extra special for her.  Of course, I will never turn down a chance to take pictures of a cutie in ballet.

She took it all as a chance to show off her modeling skills.  And show them off she did!

750maia 1744maia 3maia 4maia 5maia 7