timothy & rebekah | engagement

She came into our lives almost 24 years ago and stole our hearts.  We knew that one day someone would come along and steal hers.  That day has come and we couldn’t be more pleased with the man who has chosen to love her, cherish her and spiritually lead her.  Our little princess.




benson/schroder | wedding photographer

Everything happens for a reason and God’s timing is perfect.  I truly believe this and I know that the bride does too.  That said, I was not hired to shoot this wedding.  I was, however, invited to attend and had planned on being there later in the afternoon.  But I ended up getting a call the morning of the wedding.

There was a slight emergency of sorts and the other photographer wouldn’t be available for a while.  So, I was honored to shoot all of the before pictures upon the request of the bride.  It wasn’t my original plan.  It wasn’t the bride’s original plan.  But it was God’s and I know that it happened exactly as it should.

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