timothy & rebekah | engagement

She came into our lives almost 24 years ago and stole our hearts.  We knew that one day someone would come along and steal hers.  That day has come and we couldn’t be more pleased with the man who has chosen to love her, cherish her and spiritually lead her.  Our little princess.



lauritzen gardens

What brings you joy?  Is it something you can touch?  Taste?  See?  Smell?  Is it a sound that brings back memories?  So many things can bring joy to an individual.  The question is, are you tapping into that joy?

I have found as a portrait photographer that I can sometimes fall into a rut.  Feel pressured to be in a box.  Lose sight of all the reasons why I do photography.  All of the pros will tell you to “find a niche’ and stick with it” or to “find your style so that all of your images are cohesive and noticeable by the masses.”  Well, that’s not a simple thing to do if you are someone who finds joy in so many things.  I love dark and moody images because they bring mystery, enchantment and wonder.  But I also love and am more drawn to the light and airy images because they bring a sort of cheerfulness and ethereal quality to them.

The best way for me to hone back in on my skills as a photographer and to get out of my rut of feeling like I need to perform for others, is to do a photo shoot that is all about me and all for me.  That shoot generally revolves around flowers.  They take me to a place of calm and remind me of some really great memories.  Some involving moments and some involving people.  It’s no accident that God created flowers and memories.  They go hand-in-hand.


junior prom 2019

When my girls went to prom it was always a big production.  A production I loved!  Hair, makeup, dresses, jewelry, shoes, friends getting ready together, baking cookies for the gang.  I loved every second of the very busy day.

Then my girls were gone and my boys went to prom.  Now that’s a whole different animal.  The boys getting ready goes something like this.  Tuxes, shoes.  Yep!  That’s it!  So I try to make as much of a production as I can.  It’s a struggle but it all starts with their dad helping them with their tie and cuff links.  It’s not much but it’s all I have so I’ll take it.

I believe each of my kids have had at least one bad year with the weather.  That’s to be expected when you have prom in March.  Not sure why that’s a thing but it is.  So in spite of the cold, wind and rain, we pressed forward.  And my little man was handsome in spite of it all!


The second I heard her name I just knew it had to be from Anne of Green Gables.  One of my all-time favorite movies books 😉 (my kids judge me for preferring movies over books).

Probably one of the sweeter names I have heard in a while.  I love all of the older names and prefer them over new, faddish names.  Call me old-fashioned, I’ll take it.

Oh, and I was right!  Her mama said they got it from the book.  Points for me!!!