baby jane | lifestyle infant photographer

This sweet, tiny didn’t come in the way any of us would have preferred, including her parents.  But we are all so thankful she is here.  In the last five months she has brought so much joy to our extended family and we can’t imagine what it would be like without her.  Such personality!  And those smiles!

Praying that she grows to have a relationship with the one and only God who created her.




twenty | lifestyle photographer

I’m not sure what happened this year.  Her birthday was the middle of August.  This is the end of November.  I always used to be spot on with birthday pictures.  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting old.  ??????

Anyway, it’s amazing what you can find in the middle of the city.  A wooded area all of about 400 square feet.  It helps when you know that the wooded area is there and has been your entire life.  Sure beats driving all over creation when you only have a short period of time before the turkey is ready.  Priorities!

Have I told you how much fun my kids are?  Well, they are SO MUCH FUN!

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sixteen | lifestyle photographer

I shall call him Peanut and he shall be mine.  At least for about 2 1/2 more years anyway.

Sixteen seems hard to believe.  But it’s truer than I want it to be.  And at the same time I love watching him grow into the handsome, kind, generous, thoughtful, Godly young man he is becoming.   I love this kid!

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galster | family lifestyle photographer

I had the privilege of photographing this young family just a few short days before they headed off to the mission field in Africa.  Baby girl got to experience one of her last cold days for a while.  Please be in prayer for this young couple as they spend time serving in this area of political unrest.



mcquillan | family lifestyle photographer

Fall sessions with return clients who have become friends are one of  the reasons that I have chosen to be a photographer.  Anyone can take pictures of a lot of people.  But if those people don’t come back to you, you must be doing something wrong.  I want images that not only showcase my talent, but that tell a family’s story.

I know that most parents want every picture of their child smiling and behaving, but my favorite shots every time are the ones where the child lets down their guard and is comfortable enough with me to NOT smile.  That’s when I know I’ve won them over.  And those images, to me, are the most priceless.

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twenty two | lifestyle photographer

If you have known me long enough or visit this site often enough, you will know that I believe that I have some pretty amazing kids.  Maybe I’m biased, but I also think they are stinking adorable.  Every parent thinks that, right?  If you don’t then shame on you!

Even though she’s now 22, she still let me take her out into some fields and do a photo shoot.  It was a perfect day, she was home for the weekend, and it was her birthday.  But really, do I NEED a reason?  😉

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