All of my children are very unique and have great, individual qualities.  But one thing they have in common is that they are all a bunch of goofballs!  I love their silliness.  I guess because it makes our times together fun and interesting.  Also, because it reminds me a bit of the way I used to be before I got old and boring.  Life is such a great gift and it’s very important to enjoy it.

I did my usual, “hey Nolan, can we go out and shoot a few pictures for your annual shots?”  All I NEED is 15 minutes.  Just give me that.”  Truthfully, that really is all I need.  Providing it’s 15 cooperative minutes.  It didn’t help that goofball sister #2 was along for the ride.  My kids all feed off of each other’s strangeness.  They come by it honestly I guess.

After the first spot, he looked at the pictures and said, “I think I’m good.”  Really?  You think you’re good?  Cause I’m pretty sure I’m not.  Mama needs more shots!  So I got more shots.  Not many, mind you, but more.  I just love this boy man!

nolan 150455056nolan 2


ella’s story

“Before you were ever born He set your life apart.  Before we held you in our arms you were held in God’s own heart.  Before all time began His hand was on your life.  He knew you and formed you in His image, in His light.” ~Jeremiah’s song

This sweet one was due the end of August.  But she decided that she was ready to come the end of July, five weeks early.  Not your run-of-the-mill preemie, she rocked the weight and all of the typical problems you would find in a premature baby spending time in the NICU with virtually no issues and left after ten days.  But was she really early?  By earthly standards, yes.  By God’s, for sure not.  Because we know that His plan and His timing are ALWAYS perfect!

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morgan | senior girl portraits

It was such a pleasure being able to photograph Morgan.  What a beautiful soul.  She was so very sweet and willing to do whatever crazy things I asked.  She even broke the FFA mold when it came to pictures in her jacket with pink heels.  I loved every minute of this session!  Thank you for putting up with me for a few hours Morgan.  You are a beautiful, young lady.


matt | ’19 holdrege senior

This is probably one of my first senior sessions where I have enjoyed the sports side of it.  Sports just aren’t my thing and I usually find it pretty difficult to know how to shoot someone with their gear.  Matt and his parents made it so easy and I loved everything about his golf and baseball shots.  The colors of his uniforms and the backgrounds were just perfect!

We got one of those rare, decent, Nebraska nights for this session.  Just a breeze where normally it’s extremely windy and the temps were absolutely gorgeous.  As if I wasn’t enjoying the session already, they took me to the golf course.  Now, I’ve been on the golf course before and I’ve shot some seniors and families on the golf course, but ALWAYS on the front nine.  I knew that the back nine existed but assumed it was ugly or something since no one ever chose it for a session.  On the contrary!  I felt like I had been transported to another state or something.  I could live on the back nine.  The scenery was beautiful!  I think I have found my new leisure sport.  Kidding.  Boring.  Sorry Matt.  But maybe I would join the club just so I could hang out on the back nine.  Pitch a tent maybe?  😉

Thanks for a fun evening Matt (and crew)!  And thank you for trusting me with your senior pictures.



zeke, 3 weeks

This little guy is one of the luckiest babies I know.  He has five older brothers who are always going to be looking after him and making sure no one messes with him.   And I don’t know sports, but doesn’t this make a basketball team?

Hopefully soon I will get a shot of all six boys together with mom and dad but we’ll give little man a break first.  He already wasn’t too keen on this whole newborn photo shoot thing.  Between the bright sun and the ridiculous wind, he was actually quite the trooper!

julie 1ContactSheet-001ContactSheet-002ContactSheet-003



Back in late summer last year I did Sam’s littler sisters’ pictures.  I promised him that in the fall we would do his as well.  He would get my undivided attention and quality time.

Well, fall came and went.  As did winter and spring.  Finally, we were able to get his annual pictures done just a couple of weeks ago.  I felt that I owed him big time because I neglected him (unintentionally), so when we were done I took him to Dairy Queen.  This was extra special because it was just the two of us and his sisters didn’t get to come.  It was a very sweet time.