lauritzen gardens

What brings you joy?  Is it something you can touch?  Taste?  See?  Smell?  Is it a sound that brings back memories?  So many things can bring joy to an individual.  The question is, are you tapping into that joy?

I have found as a portrait photographer that I can sometimes fall into a rut.  Feel pressured to be in a box.  Lose sight of all the reasons why I do photography.  All of the pros will tell you to “find a niche’ and stick with it” or to “find your style so that all of your images are cohesive and noticeable by the masses.”  Well, that’s not a simple thing to do if you are someone who finds joy in so many things.  I love dark and moody images because they bring mystery, enchantment and wonder.  But I also love and am more drawn to the light and airy images because they bring a sort of cheerfulness and ethereal quality to them.

The best way for me to hone back in on my skills as a photographer and to get out of my rut of feeling like I need to perform for others, is to do a photo shoot that is all about me and all for me.  That shoot generally revolves around flowers.  They take me to a place of calm and remind me of some really great memories.  Some involving moments and some involving people.  It’s no accident that God created flowers and memories.  They go hand-in-hand.



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