lydia, grandview senior | senior lifestyle photographer

This senior holds a very special place in my heart.  My little Dia has grown into such a beautiful young lady.  It’s hard seeing my own kids grow.  I didn’t think it would be hard watching my nieces and nephews grow as well.

It’s been fun to watch her blossom over the years and was a little bit creepy to feel like I was taking my sister’s pictures as I did this session.  My sister is older than me, but I somehow remember her at this stage and it’s like they could be twins (even though my sis doesn’t see it).

We did her first session at Hidden Acres, the camp where she works.  An absolutely beautiful place with photo opportunities around every corner.  The second session was downtown Des Moines.  It’s always been a beautiful city to me and I thought it was just because I grew up there.  But every time I go back to visit my family it only gets more beautiful.

lydia 01lydia 02lydia 03lydia 04lydia 05lydia 06lydia 07lydia 08lydia 09lydia 10lydia 11lydia 12lydia 13lydia 14lydia 15


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