of flowers & mountains | documentary photographer

Not everyone you meet will be in love with the mountains.  I am one of those people. Now before you go judging me I need you to know that I think they are breathtakingly beautiful.  But if I have my choice of range, I will choose the wide, open spaces every time.  Oceans, prairies, valleys, fields.

However, every time we drive into the mountains of Colorado, I am in awe and wonder of the Creator.  How He could make such beautiful art work amazes me daily.  The peaks that are covered in snow next to the backdrop of a bright, blue sky and valley below. That displays the awesomeness of God.

Then there are the flowers.  I could spend a lifetime of days looking at the same flowers over and over again.  Never noticing that there are mountains in the background.  Call me crazy.  Call me blind.  I don’t care.  I love the wild flowers that grow unprompted. And the beauty of these flowers is that they require little to no watering.  Now that’s my kind of flower!  I’m a flower killer.  It’s unintentional, but it’s definite.  I need plants that don’t need me in order to survive.  Maybe next spring you will drive by our home and see the front rock beds covered in cactus and other flowers that I have no idea what they are called. They will be beautiful and they will not be dead!  Win, win!

mountains day one



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