the farm | children’s documentary photographer

I remember when I was little spending a lot of time over at my grandmother’s house.  I can see it all in my mind’s eye as clear as if I were there now.  Playing in the garden somewhat overgrown with weeds.  Swinging on the swing set.  Jumping in leafs from the “V” tree.  Sitting on the front porch before it was closed in, admiring the bleeding heart bush.  Oh my.  So many great memories.  I just wish now that I had photos to go along with the memories.

These sweet babies will have photos for years to come.  Because every time one of them turns two (or is in that approximate range), and they come from miles away to stay with Grandma and Grandpa, I get a text saying that I’m needed to document some more sweet kiddos.  I love being needed and I love photographing the every day moments.  Moments that will make up a lifetime of memories.  Plus, I love going to this farm just as much as the kids do.  They have the sweetest grandparents (who I am very happy to call friends) and there is so much there to keep them (and me) occupied.

bubblesyardsand boxgarden 1garden 2tractortoadanimalsbasketball 1basketball 2playroom


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