dreamy | lifestyle photographer

My daughter and I went out to shoot one night last week.  It was one of the most beautiful evenings.  There was a slight breeze and the clouds were covering the blaring sun.  Just a couple of nights prior she and I took a drive out on some of the dirt roads in search of a cool barn.  I was in the mood to shoot a barn.  We found none.  But what we did find were some very dreamy locations.  So we returned to those spots on this night.

I am a sucker for fields of yellow wildflowers and forest/wooded areas.  I have to admit, I was a bit jealous that it was my daughter being photographed out in the yellow flowers and not me.  I did tell her that my turn is next.  Hopefully before the flowers die.

The sole purpose of this photo shoot was because E.Beth is very interested in photography and wanted some shots for her website.  I am always so proud when my children have interests in or pursue things that are part of me.  Of course, any excuse for me to take pictures of my babies is a worthy excuse.

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