doggy wash | a short story

After playing with her puppy friend, Laci, we went straight to the doggy wash. Whenever she has a play date with her brother or a friend, she is always a slobbery mess and so are they.  So we try to plan play dates around bath time for both parties.

Usually, I put her in our bathtub and get on my knees during the entire process.  When I am done I’m wet and my back is aching.  Laci’s people parents told me that they take her to the doggy wash and they love it.  So I decided to try it this time.  What did I have to lose?  Absolutely nothing!

I loved it!  Ruby, not so much.  The room was scary.  The ramp up to the tub was scary. The tub was scary.  The sprayer was scary.  Walking back down the ramp was scary.  She was just a nervous wreck!  But guess what?  That is her new bath place.  Because I loved it so much, it was easy on my back, no mess for me to clean afterward and… I’m the mommy and I say so!  She’ll get used to it and thank me in the end.  I’m just sure of it!

short story 3


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