chalk | documentary photographer

These two little sweet peas take after their mama.  They have been doing sidewalk chalk with her since birth and I think they might end up being great chalk artists in the future.  😉

When they were over at my house they saw the new chalkboard wall and asked if they could draw on it.  Of course, I said they could.  I’m the fun aunt after all.  Only one rule. They could not draw on my menu or tree.  They were totally fine with that and had such a great time drawing, erasing, drawing some more and just being silly.  There was some serious artistry going on here.

I love these two little monkeys!

5815 chalk5816 chalk5817 chalk5818 chalk5819 chalk5821 chalk5822 chalk5823 chalk5824 chalk5825 chalk5828 chalk5830 chalk5831 chalk5832 chalk5833 chalk5834 chalk5838 chalk5888 chalk


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