our big, fat, greek easter | documentary photographer

This was a year of firsts.  The first year my kiddos almost didn’t get Easter baskets.  I rescued that at the last minute.  The first year in 20 that we didn’t die eggs.  No reason. We just didn’t.  The first year that we went to someone else’s house besides family.  The first ever Greek meal/Greek Easter meal.   The first Easter in our new house.  And this one is my saddest.  The first year since having children that I forgot to take a family picture after church.  😦


Usually, we have friends over for Easter.  But this year, we were invited over by a very dear friend of ours.  More like family really.  She’s Greek.  I think our boring American Easter meals bore her.   😉

So she made us a very nice, Greek meal.  It was delicious!  I was a little leery about trying the lamb because I was just sure I would be able to hear its baby bleats.  I could hear it no more than the pig oinking from the ham.  I have issues, I know this.  Oh, and I’m not a vegetarian.  I just like lamby’s.  They are cute and wooly and remind me of my sweet puppy.  Anyway, I digress.

As always, she set a beautiful table!  When I am in need of something for my table settings, I call her.  She has it all!  And I have to admit, it was nice this year to enjoy the labors of someone else.  All that was required of me was my homemade bread.  Easy cleanup when we got home!

The kids are almost too big for baskets.  But I have a feeling that until grand babies come, they will still get them.  I even threw in a few little fun items for a giggle.  What 19 and 21 year old girl doesn’t want her own tiny baby doll?  And silly putty for the boys!  Why not?

5601 easter5603 easter5615 easter5616 easter5621 easter5623 easter5624 easter5626 easter5627 easter5629 easter5637 easter5639 eastetr5644 easter5647 easter5648 easter5649 easter5651 easter

Oh!  It’s a cake!  (watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding if you’re unsure)5652 easter5654 easter5663 easter5666 easter5667 easter5680 easter5684 easter5685 easter5688 easter5691 easter5694 easter5705 easter


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