cherry blossoms | documentary photographer

This time every year I get excited about the cherry blossoms and other, similar blossoms. And this time every year, I wish I could be in DC photographing the cherry blossoms, drinking in their beautiful fragrance.  So, I go into my own little world and imagine I am there when in all actuality, I’m just at North Park.  C’est la vie.  It will happen some day. It’s on my bucket list among many other things.

But this year I almost missed them all.  The trees were sparse and the air was cool but I would not allow the few blossoms or my Raynaud’s to keep me from documenting this moment as I do every year.

5132 blossoms5134 blossoms5137 blossoms5142 blossoms5143 blossoms5145 blossoms5147 blossoms5150 blossoms5151 blossoms5152 blossoms5153 blossoms5154 blossoms5156 blossoms5157 blossoms5159 blossoms5161 blossoms5162 blossoms5163 blossoms5164 blossoms5165 blossoms



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