senior prom | documentary photographer

Once again, junior/senior prom has come and gone.  There is always so much hype leading up to this day.  More from my girls than my boys, but still plenty to do in preparation.  Ask the girl. Get fitted for and order the tux.  Order the flowers.  And on my end, make sure I have plenty of space on my SD card and a fully charged battery in my camera.

Just like with anything else in life, you plan and prepare and then it’s done.   And for this particular child of mine, this is it!  But I have pictures!

4734 prom4743 prom4745 prom4755 prom4756 prom4767 prom4769 prom4772 prom4778 prom4780 prom4788 prom4791 prom4798 prom4811 prom4813 prom4815 prom4896 prom4897 prom4898 prom4901 prom


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