woodland princess | newborn lifestyle photographer

This wasn’t my usual in-home session.  Generally it’s mom, dad and baby.  Maybe a sibling or two.  But this time it was a special treat!  We got grandma, grandpa, two aunts and an uncle.  I wish the other grandparents could have been there as well, and a few missing uncles and aunt.  Maybe we will catch the rest of them the next time around.   I was hoping for an overlap of the grandparents visiting but I guess that’s what happens when your family is 946 miles away.

Either way, this sweet little girl is never going to lack for love.  And the cradle and beaver blanket were made special for little Willa from her grandparents.  When I first saw it, all I could think of was Little House on the Prairie.  Also, I was a bit jealous and wish I would have had one when my babies were babies.  She is one, blessed little princess!

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One thought on “woodland princess | newborn lifestyle photographer

  1. Yes- this little princess is very blessed.
    Scott, Amanda and Willa are all blessed to have you in their lives! You will love on them and do a lot of spoiling for sure!
    We miss you here!


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