duckweed | children’s lifestyle photographer

About six years ago, I took my little guy out for his nine year pictures.  He wanted to do some things that the “big boys” were doing.  So we drove over to our little wildlife reserve area where there was a pretty, little pond.

The only thing I asked of him was that he give me, literally, a handful of pictures where he was looking in my direction.  If he could manage that then everything else was free game. He kept his end of the bargain so I kept mine.

Seeing his little eyes light up when he got in this pond filled with duckweed was priceless.  I mean, how often are you allowed to get into stagnant water while fully clothed?

46 dilly49 dilly51 dilly54 dilly56 dilly58 dilly60 dilly61 dilly63 dilly64 dilly65 dilly66 dilly67 dilly68 dilly69 dilly72 dilly73 dilly74 dilly75 dilly


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