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This always happens to me.  I start going through old pictures around this time of year when one of my children are graduating.  I don’t get very far because I stop and look at every, single photo of every, single child.  And then I cry a little, pining for days that are gone.

In 2009 I had been a year into shooting professionally and had just begun learning my new, and very first, DSLR.  I was still trying to figure out my camera as well as lighting, composition,  clarity, shadows and such.   I was more into posing and staging back then, thinking that was the only way I could gain clients.  It has taken me these long, eight years to realize how much I despise doing that style of photography.  One thing I did stick to that was not fake or staged was their expressions.  I always told each of them that if their smile couldn’t be real then they shouldn’t smile.  As you can see, the boys had no problem sticking to that rule.  😉

In spite of all the trial and error, I got some super cute pictures of my super cute babies that I can cherish until eternity.  And this is how we learn.

I cannot tell you how much I love these sweet faces.  It’s so fun to see how they really haven’t changed much.  Still the same smirks, smiles and sultry looks now as back then.  I love being their mama!

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