hey cow!

I had a feeling while out at my friend’s farm that I was being judged.  Not just by one cow, but by many and a few other critters.

The cows were acting like they were posing but I know what was really going on in their brains.  The donkeys and goats weren’t much better.  In fact, the goats used me.  They came close like they really wanted to be my friends and then they started chewing on my jeans.  And the peacocks.  Well, let’s just say that I wasn’t worth them showing off their beautiful feathers.  Yes, this was a farm filled with animal attitude.

But I got the last laugh.  I got some pretty fun images and I’m not going to let them see them.  So there!   😉

4052 cows4054 cows4056 cows4058 cows4059 cows4060 cows4061 cows4063 cows4066 cows4074 cows4076 cows4078 cows4079 cows4080 cows4086 cows4088 cows4091 cows4093 cows4096 cows4098 cows4100 cows4101 cows4103 cows4104 cows4106 cows4114 cows4115 cows4117 cows4121 cows4132 cows4136 cows4137 cows4141 cows4143 cows


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