yesterday | family documentary photographer

It was a day like any other day.

Ah, who am I kidding?  No it wasn’t.

Any other day I don’t see one son until 7:00 in the evening after missing him all day.  The other son is home and then leaves to hang with his friends.  They are teenagers after all.  I work in the morning and then do other things in the afternoon.  Paul is at work all day, until he isn’t.  The girls are millions of light years away.  Well, really only three hours but it seems like more.

Yesterday was actually a day that I wish was any other day.  However, if it were like any other day I probably wouldn’t value it as much.

It was a day filled with a little sewing, blogging, fudge making, weird dancing, hot soup eating, record listening, bell ringing, hot tea drinking, errand running and getting cold in the freezing drizzle.

I want more days like this to document!  And I will have them at least for the next few weeks.  Yay!!!




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