twenty one | lifestyle photographer

As far as I am concerned, my children will never be too old to have their annual photo shoot.  Some day it will be with a spouse and hopefully children, but for now, it’s just them.  And as long as they are willing to go along with me and my shenanigans, I’m going to do it.  Actually, even if they aren’t willing to go along, I’m still going to do it.  Cause I’m the mama and I say so.   😉

I can’t believe I am the mother of an actual, for real, adult.  They say you are an adult at 18, but I question that.  Now there is no denying that my first born baby is no longer a baby. But I will always remember the day she was born, and for that reason alone, she will always be my baby.  I remember everything about that day and knew the minute I saw her that she was going to bring us a lifetime of joy.  And she has.  Well, 21 years anyway.  Also, her middle name is Joy so….

So, enJOY (sorry.  I couldn’t help myself) these shots of my sweet girl and her beautiful, infectious smile.



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