documenting your day

3117 couch doc

Back when my kids were babies and even through their tween years, I would take pictures of them all day long.  Granted, it was mostly when they were doing something fun like jumping on the trampoline, decorating cookies, at holidays and birthday parties.  But I have those memories in my mind and love that I also have them in print.  We all enjoy going back, pulling out the albums and looking at those images whenever the chance arises.

Now that my kids have grown older I’ve gotten lazy.  We don’t do friend birthday parties anymore. Shoot!  Half the time they don’t even get a birthday cake.  So, what is there to document when two of your children are home only on Christmas and summer break or a sporadic weekend here and there?  When your two youngest are in high school and busy with sports, friends, jobs, and X-Box?

Well, in short, you take what you can get when you can get it.  The key is this.  And I just started in the past week doing this myself.  Are you ready?  Have your camera available at all times and shoot randomly.  There doesn’t have to be a big event happening.

I know this may surprise you, but were you aware that 100% of all the people in the universe are not always dressed up and sitting on a pretty quilt out in the middle of a field? Yeah, it shocked me as well. 😉  Don’t get me wrong, those are nice pictures.  But they really aren’t life.

I guarantee you that when most people get home from a long day at work or school, they veg. They sit around and do whatever it is that they do.  Watch television.  Read a book. Play on the floor with the littles.  Take a walk.  Soak in the tub.  Have dinner with friends. You name it and I promise you that it’s real life.

Real life is what I want to capture every day in my home.  Not just when I am out on a photo shoot.  I don’t want to neglect the people most important to me because I am busy shooting someone else’s people.

So I plan to document my real life at least once-twice a week from now on.  This is also why I am now taking only family documentary photos.  Anyone can pose in front of a camera for a stiff, family portrait.  In fact, you can all do it yourselves if you own an iPhone.  You just plop in somewhere, set the timer and voila!  You have a family picture. But, can you follow yourself around for a couple of hours?  Capturing the most intimate, real moments of your life?  The moments you don’t ever want to forget?  Let me answer that for you.

No.  You cannot.  Trust me.  I have tried.

Start today.  Follow around your family and take their pictures doing nothing.  Document your family’s day.  If you don’t think you can do it, or you want to be in the pictures as well, then hire me.  I would love to part of your life for a few hours.

3110 dylan doc3112 dylan doc3114 paul doc3115 paul doc3126 nolan doc3135 sink doc3137 paul doc3138 paul doc3252 paul doc3253 paul doc


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