nolan | 2017 holdrege senior | seniors photographer

He infuriates me, exasperates me, makes me cry and makes me laugh.  He is my dreamer, my star-gazer, my old soul.  I have many things in common with each of my kids, but this one…HE is my kindred spirit.  The one I want to strangle the most shares so many of my passions and interests.  And he, like the two before him, has decided it’s time to be a senior and leave me in a year.

What!  Is!  Happening!?  Life is moving way to fast!  After he goes, I will have one left.  He, too, will leave me.  Is there some way I can make them all move into the basement forever?  No?   😦

So, both of my girls had some of their senior pictures taken in Des Moines, Iowa.  It’s where our family is and it’s where they have great memories.  So, of course, Nolan wanted some there too.  I’m sure my youngest will as well.  If not, I will make him.   😉

Nolan also chose to have some taken in Winterset, Iowa.  He has some favorite spots there that were non negotiable.  If he didn’t get them taken in Winterset, I think he would have said he wanted none at all.  For real.  He’s that passionate about the town.

Some are downtown Des Moines at the river, the Historical Building and in Grandma and Grandpa’s back yard on the “climbing tree.”  Others are at Clarks Tower, Pammel State Park  (just a few of the beautiful places to visit while in Iowa) and Winterset Elementary School in Winterset.

I wish we had more time and he had wanted more because there are a whole slew of neat places we could have gone.  Maybe I will get those other spots with number two son.

Also, Nolan has this look he does.  He calls it his “chanel blue.”  See if you can determine it from a normal, serious face.

1243 nolan1244 nolan1246 nolan1247 nolan1251 nolan1270 nolan1273 nolan1277 nolan1282 nolan1287 nolan1296 nolan1297 nolan1305 nolan1317 nolan1319 nolan1329 nolan1336 nolan1338 nolan1348 nolan1353 nolan1357 nolan1362 nolan1365 nolan1383 nolan1384 nolan1388 nolan1392 nolan1450 nolan1457 nolan1465 nolan1468 nolan1483 nolan1487 nolan1529 nolan1543 nolan1544 nolan





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