woollen | family documentary photographer

My dream photography business involves only children and lifestyle/documentary.  There is nothing that fuels my passion more than new babies, littles and following around a family while they “do their thing.”

When you think about your family, do you think about them sitting in perfect clothing all in a line?  No.  You picture your family doing what they do.  When I think of my life, it’s always of my family interacting.  In the kitchen baking.  Driving up to DQ for an impromptu ice cream.  Sitting on the front porch watching the cars go by.  Watching the kids jumping on the trampoline.  Eating a meal together at the dining room table. Eating popcorn while watching a movie all spread out in the living room.  The kids wrestling on the floor with the dog or being silly and sappy with each other.

I cannot think of one time where I have gone through my memories and thought about my perfect family sitting perfectly still with perfectly fake smiles.  To be honest, the very thought of it nauseates me.  But going through life, doing what we do are the memories I want to keep. And I would LOVE to have them documented in this way.

This is why I am narrowing my niche with my business.  As much as I would love to be all things to all people and to photograph anything and everything that comes my way, it’s just not where my passion lies and it’s not fair to my clients to not be able to give them my very best.

So, from this point forward I will only be accepting babies, children, seniors and lifestyle/documentary.  I feel it is best for my family, my clients, and for me.  The more I narrow my craft, the better the end results will be.

Let me help you remember your every-day routines.  Your lazy weekends and Saturday morning traditions.  Your home with all of its quirks and imperfections.  Your walks to the park and library.  Your littles playing on the floor while you prepare a meal.  Your bigs sitting around laughing with each other, wrestling, playing their gaming system.

Whatever it is that YOU do.  Whoever it is that YOU are.  That’s the family I want to capture. That’s the family I want to spend a couple of hours getting to know.  And these are the memories that you truly want to remember for a lifetime.


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