a proud mama moment | documentary photographer

Basketball can get pretty crazy and out of hand.  With four big kids.  And a trampoline.

We went an entire year without a tramp and we sure have missed it.  But now, we are up and running again.  When you have one for ten years and then not for a year, withdrawals are bound to happen.

But what a joy for my husband and me to watch this gang of ours enjoying each other’s company and getting along all at the same time with just a bit of competition and violence. It happens more and more the older they get and I couldn’t be happier.

0001 tramp0005 tramp0006 tramp0007 tramp0008 tramp0011 tramp0012 tramp0014 tramp0015 tramp0016 tramp0017 tramp0018 tramp0025 tramp0027 tramp0028 tramp9992 tramp9993 tramp9995 tramp




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