car ride | a short story

A week ago Thursday, we drove to Colorado for an extended weekend.  It would be our only family vacation this year and it would be a memorable one.  But more on that later. Right now I want to talk about the drive out there.

Years ago, before children, this is how it went:

Paul, I need to stop and use the restroom.  But you just went.  I know, but I’m pregnant, remember!

With small children:

How much further?  I have to go potty!  Stop kicking your sister!  Oh, great!  Now the baby needs to nurse.  What did I just tell you?!  If you ask me one more time how much further, so help me….  Okay, I know you are all tired of being in the car so why don’t I come back and read a story.  Are you ready for another video?  Only two more Veggie Tales and we will be there!

With adolescent children:

Well, a little bit of everything.  Loving, sleeping, arguing, potty stops.  No more Veggie Tales and no more reading stories 😦

Now, with three adult children and one teenager:

Little to no arguing.  A lot of silly laughter.  Sleeping.  Ear buds.  Coffee stops.  Reminiscing over past vacations.  Can we stop?  I have to use the restroom again.

As much as I miss car rides with littles (for real!), I am enjoying conversation, coffee, memories and no arguing with the big version.   One thing has never changed and that is that my purse is still the catch all on every trip and we are not fans of fast food.

car ride short story


at home | family documentary photographer

Return clients are the heartbeat of my business.  They trust me and my work and they quickly become friends.  This family came to me a couple of years ago after just moving to the area.  You could not meet a sweeter couple or children.  Hanging with them at their home was a treat and definitely helped the kiddos to relax being in their own space. Plus, it’s not every day I’m invited into a little one’s space and shown their toys and stuffed animals.  I feel blessed.

8331 schweitzer01 schweitzer02 schweitzer03 schweitzer

chosen | children’s lifestyle photographer

I recently took pictures of these two little cuties.  It was so much fun to see not only how much they look alike but that their personalities are very similar as well.  And to see Miss Brecky being a great big sister was very heart-warming.  You see, these two siblings don’t live together and see each other rarely.  Their’s is a great story.  And that’s why I’m going to let Breckynn’s mom tell you in her own words.

“It’s rare when the child that completes your family still gets the chance to be a big sister.  We are thrilled that some of these shots capture this unique relationship.

Almost six years ago God worked a miracle in our lives when He brought us Breckynn through adoption.  The birth mom and dad were people we care about.  In fact, I had known Liana since she was about three.  Their circumstances at the time of Breckynn’s birth were not ideal for the couple and they selflessly chose adoption for their daughter. The love they had for their infant was abundantly obvious and yet they chose to break their own hearts as a sacrifice for hers.

Three years later Liana and Tyler, the birth father, were married and God blessed them with the most charming, beautiful baby boy.  Although Tyler has been in the air force and stationed far away, we have had an open adoption.  We share pictures and stay in touch.

This year these two birth siblings had the opportunity to play together, get to know one another and make some memories.  Open adoption can have its awkward moments in the beginning, but the beauty of it far outweighs the challenges.  Here are two children loved by so many in families that stretch across multiple states.  God is so incredibly good!

Liana and Tyler didn’t give their child to us, they gave us (my husband, our other children and me) to their child.”

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the farm | children’s documentary photographer

I remember when I was little spending a lot of time over at my grandmother’s house.  I can see it all in my mind’s eye as clear as if I were there now.  Playing in the garden somewhat overgrown with weeds.  Swinging on the swing set.  Jumping in leafs from the “V” tree.  Sitting on the front porch before it was closed in, admiring the bleeding heart bush.  Oh my.  So many great memories.  I just wish now that I had photos to go along with the memories.

These sweet babies will have photos for years to come.  Because every time one of them turns two (or is in that approximate range), and they come from miles away to stay with Grandma and Grandpa, I get a text saying that I’m needed to document some more sweet kiddos.  I love being needed and I love photographing the every day moments.  Moments that will make up a lifetime of memories.  Plus, I love going to this farm just as much as the kids do.  They have the sweetest grandparents (who I am very happy to call friends) and there is so much there to keep them (and me) occupied.

bubblesyardsand boxgarden 1garden 2tractortoadanimalsbasketball 1basketball 2playroom

dreamy | lifestyle photographer

My daughter and I went out to shoot one night last week.  It was one of the most beautiful evenings.  There was a slight breeze and the clouds were covering the blaring sun.  Just a couple of nights prior she and I took a drive out on some of the dirt roads in search of a cool barn.  I was in the mood to shoot a barn.  We found none.  But what we did find were some very dreamy locations.  So we returned to those spots on this night.

I am a sucker for fields of yellow wildflowers and forest/wooded areas.  I have to admit, I was a bit jealous that it was my daughter being photographed out in the yellow flowers and not me.  I did tell her that my turn is next.  Hopefully before the flowers die.

The sole purpose of this photo shoot was because E.Beth is very interested in photography and wanted some shots for her website.  I am always so proud when my children have interests in or pursue things that are part of me.  Of course, any excuse for me to take pictures of my babies is a worthy excuse.

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a birth story | a short story

She watched from the treetops.  She watched from the wire.  She incubated and fussed. And yet, despite her greatest efforts, three eggs hatched but only two survived.  I know they are just birds, and God has all of them numbered, but it still makes me sad.

Also, aren’t they the cutest little bald things you ever did see?!

baby birds

schulz | family lifestyle photographer

The Schulz family was planning to have their pictures taken outdoors at one of the parks. And then May decided to be November.  The weather was less than desirable so we moved indoors.  There aren’t a whole lot of places to choose from in our area, but the Nebraska Prairie Museum seemed to fit the bill just fine.

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