labor day | a short story

When the kids are all home for a short weekend, you have a picnic in the middle of the river.  Why not?



ericson | children’s documentary photographer

Whenever one of these cuties turns two, we do a photo shoot playing at the farm.  It’s supposed to be mainly about the two-year-old, but we always end up getting the siblings as well.  I mean, how can I not when they are this cute?

Little miss was not too sure if she should trust me or not.  The session started out a little questionable.  And then she quickly decided that I was her friend and not quite as scary as she thought I may be.

3416 serenityserenitydrakealexistogether


skylar | loomis senior | senior lifestyle photographer

Beautiful.  Stunning.  Sweet.  Kind.  Thoughtful.  Gentle.  Fun.  Adventurous.  These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of this senior.

We had so much fun at this session even up to the end.  I knew she was getting tired but was so kind at letting me get in just a few more shots.  Thanks for a great morning Skylar!

skylar 1skylar 2skylar 3skylar 4Skylar 5Skylar 6skylar 7skylar 8skylar 10skylar 11skylar 9


twenty | a short story

She turned twenty and I baked her a cake.  A few days later, on her actual birthday, she went to Denver with her best friend and family.  They took her out to dinner for her birthday.  I was happy for her that she got to go with them.  It was a far better birthday than we could have given her this year because of schedules and such.  And I couldn’t have asked for a better substitute family with whom she could spend her special day.

e.beth birthday

eighteen | a short story

It’s the beginning of the birthdays.  Nolan always starts off the parties, cakes, gifts, or at least he used to.  Back when they were all little.  Now, it’s just a cake, and sometimes not even that.  Of course there’s a gift.  Always a gift.  But as they all get older and are leaving home, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to have a “birthday party.”  So we make due with whoever is around and celebrate as best we can.  A bonus to this cake was the candles. I didn’t realize that I had bought trick candles.  It was kind of fun for the small bash.

nolan birthday